A Resource for the Re-entry Population of Greater Worcester




Coming Home Worcester is a joint venture between Dismas House of Massachusetts, and the Oak Hill Community Development Corporation.


Dismas House of Massachusetts, Inc.

For over 25 years, Dismas House of Massachusetts, Inc., has been assisting former prisoners with their reintegration into the Worcester community. The  mission of Dismas is to reconcile former prisoners to society, and society to former prisoners, through the development of a supportive community. Supportive community is characterized by students and former prisoners living together in a family setting, active involvement of volunteers from the broader community, and a spirit of open and participative decision-making by all in the community, with emphasis on the common good. This model and mission has been hailed nationally as best-practices for prisoner reintegration, and has been recognized by the Eisenhower Foundation, the Urban Institute, Former Governor Michael Dukakis, and Nobel Prize nominee Sister Helen Prejean.

Since 1988, Dismas House has reintegrated former prisoners and society at its 12-bed, flagship location on Richards Street in Worcester, and, more recently, with the addition of new programming and services, has created a new housing and services paradigm for homeless former prisoners in Worcester County.  Dismas House on Richards Street provides next-step, transitional housing, where residents’ recovery, therapy, and reentry toolkit is enhanced through continued employment, family reunification, and civil legal counsel.  In 2007, Dismas House launched the Father John Brooks House, a four-unit apartment building for up to seven Dismas graduates and their families. Brooks House offers permanent, supportive housing units, on Arthur Street in Worcester. In 2009 Dismas House opened the Dismas Family Farm, a working farm, which serves up to 12 former prisoners by providing a holistic, rehabilitative and vocational reentry model. The farm creates a safe and effective rural environment for true recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Most recently, Dismas House has initiated the BAR None (Basic Advocacy for Reentry) program. This offers pro-bono civil-legal advice or representation to men and women of Dismas, as well as other programs in the Worcester community.

For more information, visit www.dismashouse.org


Oak Hill Community Development Corporation

Since 1972, Oak Hill Community Development Corporation has been working to improve the physical condition of the Union Hill, Oak Hill and Upsala Street neighborhoods of Worcester as we improve the quality of life and economic status of those that live and work here. We achieve this through focused lines of business goals in housing promotion and preservation with our NeighborWorks®HomeOwnership Center of Central Massachusetts (NW HOCCM), and through our Community Development Agenda, which includes community engagement, rental property & asset management, real estate development, economic development, resident & youth employment, and leadership programming. Our overarching goal is to make the Oak Hill service area a place where people want to invest their time, money and energy to make a better life.

Oak Hill CDC is a non profit 501(C) 3 Organization.

Oak Hill Community Development Corporation’s Mission

Oak Hill CDC creates opportunities to connect with resources, fosters leadership, and supports community members in their efforts to enhance and revitalize their neighborhoods.

  • Asset & Property Management
  • Community Engagement
  • Economic Development
  • Homeownership Promotion and Preservation
  • Lending
  • Real Estate Development
  • Rehabilitation and Lead Paint Abatement Services

For more information, visit the OCDC website.


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