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Interfaith Hospitality Network

91 June Street, Worcester, MA 01602
Phone: (508) 755-2212
Fax: (508) 798-8286

Hours: 8:30-6, Monday-Friday

Services: Program staff counsels families to help them identify their needs and develop a comprehensive service plan.  The families receive case management, advocacy, assistance in securing housing, employment and other vital services such as obtaining a doctor or health insurance, enrolling in school, day care or counseling. They attend weekly classes on budgeting, parenting and developing employment skills, and they are taught to advocate for themselves and their children. Program guests are required to seek employment (unless receiving disability) or enroll into school, develop a budget, save money, payoff past due bills and work on the goals of their service plan.  Our goal is to provide the guests with the knowledge and skills that they will need to maintain their families in their new homes. Our volunteers provide meals, supplies and grocery gift cards as well as companionship, moral support and encouragement. Volunteers also work in the evening and overnight staffing.

Thom Worcester Area Early Intervention and Family Support

239 Mill Street, Suite B, Worcester, MA 01602
Phone: (508) 752-8466
Fax: (774) 243-6611
Email: Kelly.brennan@thomchild.org
Website: http://www.thomchild.org

Hours: 8am-5pm

Services: Early Intervention Program (EI): In Massachusetts is a statewide, family-centered, developmental service. Thom Child & Family Services offers the earliest possible intervention and support for children birth to three years old who have developmental difficulties due to identified disabilities or whose development is at risk due to certain birth or environmental circumstances.
Pregnancy and Newborn Support: Thom Child & Family Services offers free home visits to pregnant women, new mothers and their infants who live in the Springfield and Greater Lowell areas of Massachusetts.

Regional Consultation: Regional Consultation Programs (RCPs) provide consultation, family support, and community-wide workshops and training in Massachusetts.

Parents Helping Parents

Email: info@parentshelpingparents.org
Website: info@parentshelpingparents.org

Parental Stress Line: (1-800-632-8188)

PHP’s prevention philosophy is grounded in a self-help model based on the belief that parents are capable of developing their own solutions when given the space, encouragement, and community resources that they need.  Thus, it is the parents themselves who decide the direction a conversation will take during a Parent Support Group meeting or Parental Stress Line. Through a combination of trust, mutual support, honesty, and collective wisdom, involvement with PHP can become the foundation for a parent’s own personal growth and change.

Pleasant Street Baptist Church- Baby Boutique

165 Pleasant Street, Worcester, MA 01609
Phone: 508-756-8754
Website: http://www.pleasantstreetbaptist.org/baby-boutique-with-clear-way-clinic/

Services: The Compassion Baby Boutique is a partnership between Clearway Clinic and Pleasant Street Baptist Church and its mission is to meet the physical and spiritual needs of children and their caregivers in the Worcester area. It is open the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Mondays 10 am to 12 noon. On the third Monday a parenting class is offered.  You must register ahead of time for the class. For more information about Compassion Baby Boutique you can email Joyce at joycemorse@msn.com

Baby Safe Haven

Phone: (866)814-SAFE (Children of Hope)

Services: The Safe Haven Act of Massachusetts (2004) allows a parent to legally surrender newborn infants 7 days old or younger at a hospital, police station, or manned fire station without facing criminal prosecution. The Safe Haven Act is an amendment to Chapter 119 of the Massachusetts General Laws, section 39½. The law became effective on October 29, 2004.

Important Terms: 

Newborn infant: a baby 7 days old or younger.

Voluntary placed, voluntary placement or voluntary abandonment: voluntarily leaving the newborn infant with an appropriate person at a designated facility.

Designated Facility: hospital (it is preferred that the newborns specifically be taken to an acute care hospital emergency department), police department or manned fire station; the locations stipulated by the Safe Haven Law.

Appropriate person: someone at a designated facility who is able to ensure that the newborn infant is safe; for example, the triage person in a hospital emergency department or duty officer in a police station.

Notification: An immediate notice to be filed with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) on the voluntary surrender of the newborn infant.

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