Coming Home Worcester


Coming Home Worcester, MetroWest and Additional Regions is a directory of re-entry services available to ex-offenders returning to, or currently living in the Central Massachusetts and MetroWest area. The directory is a resource that presents important information for ex-offenders about the services available in our community. This guide may also be useful for corrections practitioners, program staff, policy makers and the friends, families, and volunteers that work with former offenders in the community.

When an offender is released from prison, he or she begins the difficult task of re-assimilating into the community. The ex-offender’s transition is often times very complicated, and may include significant obstacles that must be overcome to obtain stability. Fortunately, the Central Massachusetts and MetroWest community has a network of services designed to assist those in need. By compiling this directory, it is our hope that we will be able to assist former offenders, and those who care about them, find the resources they need to make the difference between success and a return to incarceration.

How to Use the Directory

The directory contains contact information and a basic description of the services offered for each organization. We have also included other informational resources where possible. When in doubt, contact the organization directly for the best, most up-to-date information. The editors cannot and do not vouch for the accuracy or quality of the services available.

The agencies listed in this directory are not the only resources available. We have tried to include all appropriate agencies and organizations; however, some information may be missing. If you have additional information that you believe should be included, or have a correction to one of our entries, please contact us.

Re-entry-focused Agencies

This section is for agencies that are specifically oriented towards offender reentry and needed supports for former offenders and their families.



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