Coming Home Worcester, MetroWest and Additional Regions is a joint venture between Dismas House of Massachusetts and the Commonwealth Green Low Income Housing Coalition sponsored by Worcester Common Ground.

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Dismas House of Massachusetts, Inc.

Dismas House of Massachusetts provides critical housing, services, and a family environment for homeless ex-offenders in Central Massachusetts and MetroWest.

At Dismas House, Father John Brooks House, and the Dismas Family Farm, Dismas strives to build a safe, welcoming, accountable and drug-free environment for former offenders turning around their lives. The Dismas Family Farm is a unique residential organic farm where the residents work with staff and a farm steward to operate a small family farm, farmers markets, and partner with restaurants to sustain the farm. BAR None (Basic Advocacy for Reentry), a community-wide civil legal initiative that assists over 800 homeless and former offenders in Central Massachusetts and MetroWest with help on civil legal matters as well as direct connections to healthcare, nutrition, case management, and housing support. Visit www.dismasisfamily.org for more information.

For more information, visit www.dismashouse.org.

Commonwealth Green Low-Incoming Housing Coalition

The Commonwealth Green Low-Income Housing Coalition represents multiple agencies and advocates working for clean energy solutions for high utility costs for low-income housing. CGLIHC advocates for policies and programs that create the dual opportunity for low-income housing promotion and environmental protection. CGLIHC action committee also works on this guide, and on other pressing justice issues that affect our constituents.

For more information, visit www.wglihc.org.

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