MLK Business Empowerment Center


Participants are provided with one-to-one consultation service.  The staff is composed of business counselors, all the consulting staff has an MBA degree and valuable business experience, who can provide participants with relevant and accurate business advice. Consultation services are tailored to the individuals' time table and goals. We realize that most pre-venture business planning can be a timely process.  By following the business plan template clients are educated in the areas of business entity declaration, federal and state tax enrollment, product and service development, market analysis, understanding competition and differentiation, forecasting and setting accurate sales goals, human resource issues, understanding financial documents such as cash flow statements, balance sheets and income statements, and risk analysis.
Growth and Opportunities through Applied Learning (GOAL) Institute


The purpose of GOAL is to offer workshops and seminars which are designed to give relevant, accurate and the most recent information available to help small business owners maintain a competitive advantage in today’s economy.The programs are run consecutively throughout the year.
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Most of these classes are under $40.


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