Mosaic Cultural Complex

Brenda Jenkins

Support Groups

Mosaic Circles Groups: Father's Circle, Peace Circle and the Trauma Circle.


Non-critical support system for men. Helps men recently released from prison and others redirect their lives. Helps them with family reunification and provides mentoring. Services are provided in English and Spanish. Childcare is available sometimes, but transportation is NOT available.

Services: On a weekly basis and provide a system of case management, support and healing. These Peace /circles show participants how to: Reframe and rewrite their life stories; Reframe their past; Break the shackles of shame; Release the pain; Stop the slow acid drip of regret; Move from grief to gain; Practice acceptance; /Cultivate gratitude; Break the habit of blame /find Inner Peace and create a satisfying future.

Serves all Men of Color whom have experienced trauma. Men are identified through the Peace Circles as being a victim of or perpetrator of violence. The Trauma Circle utilizes the Peace Circle process combined with clinical expertise to address Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Eligibility and Scheduling

Men only–age 17+ can attend the Mosaic Circles. Program meets on Saturdays at 4:00 pm.


Contact Information

41 Piedmont Street, , Worcester, MA 01610
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