A Resource for the Re-entry Population of Greater Worcester

Springfield Department of Health and Human Services

1145 Main Street, #208, Springfield, MA 01103
Website: http://www.springfield-ma.gov/hhs/
Community nursing services are offered on a rotating basis at a variety of sites, generally community centers and housing projects. Services consist of blood pressure readings, health screening, and referrals. To obtain a complete list of sites with days and times of nurses’ visits, call (413) 787-6740. A nurse provides health care six mornings and two evenings a week for homeless people at 769 Worthington Street. Call 734-7140 for more information. Dental services for the homeless are also available two days a week at this location. Call 731-9575 for more information. Website: https://www.csoinc.org/housing-homeless-services

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