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Substance Abuse


Substance abuse treatment, Halfway house.
Over all, Advocates, Inc. partners with people with disabilities, elders, and those with other challenges to overcome personal obstacles and societal barriers so that they can obtain and keep homes, engage in work and other meaningful activities, and sustain satisfying relationships. Advocates, Inc.  services include but are not limited to substance abuse treatment, deaf services,elder services.
Part of their substance abuse treatments is the Drug Court Programs. Under this umbrella there are three substance abuse programs:00First Offender Driver Alcohol Education (DAE), Second Offender Aftercare (SOA) and Ayer Drug Court Program. DAE is an alternative sentencing program. SOA continues the treatment efforts for those convicted of their second driving-under-the-influence offense (must have completed the Second Offender 14-Day Residential Program for Driving Under the Influence of Liquor (DUIL)).The Ayer Drug Court Program is a post-adjudication outpatient program; eligible participants can enter the program at various stages of case processing, including arraignment, pre-trial hearing and violation of probation hearings. In addition to these three programs, Advocates, Inc. offers outpatient services and group therapy.
Eligibility and


Eligibility varies by program and services.
For Ayer Drug Court the program is 52 weeks, including four phases of treatment and is intended for Male and female non-violent adult offenders who reside within the court's jurisdiction, are assessed as having an alcohol and/or other drug (AOD) problem and have no prior record of violent offense.
Each participant entering the program has a legal disposition that includes the potential for incarceration or a defined house of correction (county correctional institution) sentence that has been suspended.
SOA is intended for individuals convicted of driving under the influence for a second time. Individuals may choose this option as an alternative to at least 30 days incarceration. Referrals will be made by the Adjudicating Courts as well as the DUIL Program as part of their aftercare support. Completion of this program is one of several requirements that an individual must fulfill in order to be considered for a hardship driver's license from the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
DAE is intended for individuals convicted of driving under the influence for the first time and who choose this option as an alternative to losing their license or possible incarceration. Referrals are generally made by the adjudicating district court; however, if the client is under 21, the Registry of Motor Vehicles may mandate the participant's participation.For outpatient care:
Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) are available to any individual of any age who is in need of emergency mental health and substance abuse services, regardless of insurance or capacity to self-pay. There is no charge to the individual from Advocates for this service.
Advocates Community Counseling (ACC) contracts with most major insurances. To find out if we are in your network, please contact your insurance company or our office.
If you do not have insurance, a sliding scale fee schedule is available for outpatient services.
Please contact us at 508.661.2020 for medication evaluation or group therapy rates.


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