A network of agencies offers re-entry services to individuals transitioning from incarceration back into society. These agencies play a vital role in facilitating successful reintegration and reducing recidivism rates. Among the prominent entities providing such services are:

Government-run Agencies

Government-run agencies like the Department of Corrections oversee the re-entry process, offering resources like counseling, job training, and housing assistance.

Nonprofit Organizations

Numerous nonprofits provide essential support, including employment programs, mental health services, and mentoring.

Workforce Development Centers

Government-sponsored centers as well as other independent agencies aid in job searches, skill development, and resume building.

Legal Aid Services

Organizations offer legal assistance to address issues like expungement, housing, and family reunification.

Substance Abuse Programs

Many rehab centers and support groups focus on addiction recovery, a crucial aspect of re-entry.

Housing Authorities

Public housing agencies help formerly incarcerated individuals secure stable housing.

Community and Faith-Based Groups

Local churches and community centers often provide emotional support, counseling, and community reintegration programs.

Mental Health Services

Agencies offer mental health support to address trauma and mental health challenges.
These agencies can collaborate to provide a holistic approach to re-entry, promoting a smoother transition and reducing the likelihood of re-offending.

Burlington Community Justice Center
Hampshire House
Harbor Care Healthcare Services
Legendary Legacies
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