Harbor Care Healthcare Services

Housing through Harbor Homes, Inc.

The types of housing and related services we offer are highly specialized and customized to meet each client’s unique needs. We work with individuals and families most commonly challenged by homelessness, including veterans and individuals with chronic illness, such as HIV/AIDS, chronic mental illness, and substance use disorder. Programs include support services, like case management and healthcare.

The Harbor Care, through Harbor Homes, operates the most supportive housing in New Hampshire. Our programs include:

  • Permanent Supportive Housing - Long-term, subsidized housing with support services provided on-site and in the community for individuals and families experiencing severe and persistent mental illness or substance use disorder

  • Transitional Housing for Veterans - Time-limited housing for veterans and their families experiencing homelessness with intensive supports to quickly gain independence

  • Licensed Community Residences - 24/7 staffed, long-term communal housing for individuals living with severe and persistent mental illness

  • Income-based, affordable housing - housing located in Salem, Antrim, Plymouth, and Claremont, serving individuals who meet certain income guidelines

If you or your family are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless, please call our region’s coordinated entry line at 1-844-800-9911. This system is not run by the Harbor Care, but will find you a best-fit program, which often is one of ours.


Contact Information

Harbor Care Health & Wellness Center, 45, High Street, Ward 4, Nashua, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, 03060, United States


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