Department of Revenue (Child Support)

The Child Support Enforcement Division of the Massachusetts Department
of Revenue (DOR) stands ready to serve you. However, we cannot properly manage
your case(s) if you do not keep us up-to-date regarding changes in your situation. It’s
very important that you call us immediately if:

  • Your address;
  • Your home or cell phone number changes;
  • You change employers;
  • Your employer's name, address, or phone number changes;
  • You change your Social Security number;
  • You change your driver's license number;
  • The court orders a change in your child's custody arrangements; and/or
  • You receive any new court orders relating to child support.

DOR will:

  • Determine what services are available and best suited to establish paternity and establish, enforce and modify a support order.
  • Collect support payments and apply them first to satisfy current support (what's due that month). If payments received within a month are more that the total due for that month, then they are applied to past-due support (except for the collections made by federal tax refund intercept, which must be applied to past-due support only).
  • Send child support to every parent or guardian that has a child support order. When one parent is responsible for children who live in different households, support collections may not be enough to pay each child support order in full. In that case, we allocate the payments so that each household receives its share of the collection. We keep track of all unpaid support and use our enforcement services to collect those amounts.
  • Upon request of either parent, review support orders for consistency with child support guidelines and determine if it might be appropriate to ask the court to modify the amount of the child support order and assist in processing requests for modification of the order.
  • Select and implement appropriate enforcement remedies, such as bank levies, tax refund intercepts and credit reporting, to collect overdue support if the case meets our criteria for the enforcement action.

Services Not Available

  • Cannot get involved in visitation, custody or property settlement issues, whether in a divorce action or any other legal proceeding.
  • Cannot provide child support enforcement services directly to you if you are a child seeking support from your parents. Your guardian or custodian, however


Contact Information

67 Millbrook Street, #300, Worcester, MA 01606