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Medication/Psychopharmacology: The use of medication to manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood swings, and attention as well as other symptoms. This is usually used in conjunction with talk therapy.

Individual Therapy for children, adolescents:
This therapy helps identify emotions, and thoughts that cause emotional pain so that they can be addressed using self regulating techniques. In addition, parent counseling helps develop strategies to de-fuse or anticipate and avoid episodes of emotional dysregulation in children and adolescents

Neuropsychological Evaluation:
This is a series of paper and pencil tests to determine the intellectual, academic, neurological and emotional aspects of a child or adolescent. These are aspects that would interfere with the optimum potential of a child to benefit from his or her educational experience. The most valuable use of these tests is to plan for the future educational and vocational goals of a child. The focus here is the neuropsychological aspects of the child’s functioning.

Psychoeducational Evaluation:
These tests focus on the intellectual and academic functioning of the child or adolescent and how school can best service the child’s special needs if these are discovered in testing.
Personality Evaluation:
These tests are a combination of so called “projective,” tests and objective tests that specifically describe the nature of the child’s personality and underlying emotional issues they are dealing with that bring on sadness or pain. Very often children will not tell what is on their minds and these tests help us uncover these problems.
This can be directed to schools, parents, organizations or groups that the child is involved with( i.e. sports, after school programs, etc.)
Family Therapy:
This is the use of counseling to address family dysfunction and communication. Combinations of child alone, child parent, parent alone, siblings, are used to assess conflict and offer solutions to all members of the family.
Parent Counseling:
This is specifically addressed to parents to help them develop more effective coping strategies to deal with oppositional behavior, ADD, ADHD, ASD, or Conduct Disorders. These strategies are based on long standing psychological techniques and evidenced based interventions.


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