ServiceNet, Inc.- Recovery Homes

Beacon House

57 Beacon Street, Greenfield, MA 01301
(413) 773-1706
(Formerly separated for men and women)

Orange Recovery House

35 Congress Street, Orange, MA 01301
(978) 544-6507

Three recovery homes serve as transitional residences for men and women 18
years of age and older who are in the early stages of substance abuse recovery. We provide a lightly structured, drug free environment. This supportive environment
is maintained through 24-hour staffing and case management services. The social model and milieu encourages house residents to provide one another with a culture of recovery, support, sharing, and positive peer role modeling. The programs are built on the philosophy that each individual must learn to take responsibility for their own recovery process.
Our dedicated staff establish and nurture a safe, drug-free, health-oriented, supportive environment steeped in the culture of recovery. As residents cross the threshold of the programs, they will not be faced with the imposition of a tightly structured daily schedule. Rather, the houses operate from the premise that residents have an illness of addiction, have entered into abstinence/recovery, and need to take advantage of a safe place to acquire added skills and supports to ensure that their illness remains in remission.
The goal of every resident is to establish meaningful drug-free living with a
return to independent living in the community. Referral mechanisms exist to provide residents with outpatient substance abuse counseling, mental health services, vocational rehabilitation, educational and literacy services, and housing assistance services. Residents are encouraged to develop a recovery support system in the community on which they can rely after discharge.


Contact Information

57 Beacon Street, Beacon House, Greenfield, MA
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