Youth Central Intake and Care Coordinator

Tel: 617-661-3991
Fax: 617-661-7277
Toll Free: 1-866-705-2807
TDD: 617-661-9051


HR’s programs facilitate access to a range of services for Massachusetts youth with substance use issues, including residential and outpatient treatment. Access Coordinators orient parents and professionals to care services, conduct phone assessments, make referrals to residential or outpatient treatment, work closely with referral sources, and provide support to youth and their families throughout the process. Staff members are committed to promoting a positive, strengths-based substance use treatment approach when working with young adults. IHR also assists young people and their families in accessing substance use treatment and resources through individual and family outpatient counseling and case management, which can occur in schools, community settings, homes, and IHR’s clinics. Youth under the age of 18 who receive a citation for possessing marijuana register for the requisite drug awareness classroom instruction through IHR. IHR staff also provide training and technical assistance to the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services on understanding substance use issues.


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