Community Behavioral Health Centers

Community Behavioral Health Centers (CBHCs) are one-stop shops for a wide range of mental health and substance use treatment programs. The Commonwealth's statewide CBHC network includes 29 centers located in communities across Massachusetts.

CBHCs offer immediate care for mental health and substance use needs, both in crisis situations and more routine settings. Crisis services are available around the clock for anyone in Massachusetts experiencing a potential mental health emergency and are entirely insurance-blind, meaning anyone can access services, regardless of insurance coverage. Routine outpatient services are available for all MassHealth members and may also be covered by some commercial insurers.


  • Mobile Crisis Intervention (MCI) services are for anyone in Massachusetts experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis. MCI services are provided by trained professionals who can travel to your location or work with you at a CBHC to assess your needs, provide immediate assistance, and determine the best path forward. Instead of going to the ER, MCI services allow anyone going through a crisis to either walk into a CBHC or call for a team to come to their location and access immediate mental health care. Anyone can use MCI at any time, no insurance needed.
  • Community Crisis Stabilization (CCS) is a less restrictive alternative to inpatient hospitalization for people in need of short-term, overnight crisis care. The programs have home-like, friendly, and comfortable environments that offer a feeling of community while maintaining a safe and secure setting. CBHCs offer both Adult (18+) and Youth (18 and under) CCS programs, available to anyone in MA, regardless of insurance coverage. CCS services may include individual, group, and family therapy; medication management; crisis intervention; and future crisis prevention planning.
  • Routine Outpatient Services are comprehensive outpatient mental health and substance use services for MassHealth members, also covered by some commercial insurers. These services are available every day of the week, both in-person at CBHCs and via telehealth, with extended hours. Services include same-day mental health and substance use evaluation, assessment, and individualized treatment; individual/family/group therapy; psychiatric medication consultations; peer support services; medication for addiction treatment; care coordination; referrals to treatment; and timely follow-up appointments.

All Community Behavioral Health Centers are open daily for walk-ins, routine appointments, and crisis care.

All crisis services offered by CBHCs are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (including holidays). CBHCs’ routine outpatient services are available from 8AM-8PM on weekdays and 9AM-5PM on weekends.

Every CBHC offers treatment both in-person and via telehealth. To find a CBHC's contact information, visit our CBHC directory above and click on the name of the center you would like to learn more about.

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